100 Burdock Seeds (Arctium lappa) [Heirloom Non-Gmo]

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100 Burdock Seeds (Arctium lappa) [Heirloom Non-Gmo]

( Approximately 100 Burdock Seeds )

Burdock has been used in folk medicine for centuries. The root is the most prized part of the plant, believed to have the highest concentration of pharmacologycal alkaloids, compounds, and constituents. It's believed to be a diuretic, diaphoretic, and blood purifier, or detox agent. The Ojibwa tribe was very fond of it, as were other cultures. Some prize it in alternative Cancer measures. The seeds are even used in traditional Chinese medicine for skin conditions, and in cold, flu, and general immune boosting formulas.

The plant contains mucilage ( also found in Mullein and other plants ), phenolic compounds, sulfurous acetylene compounds, polyacetylenes and bitter guaianolide-type constituents. In the leaves is also found: quercitrin and luteolin. Arctiin, luteolin and quercetin rhamnoside in burdock roots; phenolic acids, quercetin. Seeds contain arctigenin, arctiin, Caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and cynarin) and butyrolactone lignans.


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