1lb(16 OZ) Green Vein Indonesian Kratom

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Indonesia is well known as the worlds leader in the Kratom harvesting business! Our Green Indonesian kratom is as fresh as possible and offers a robust green energy. You won't be disappointed by its organic nature and premium quality! Kratom is a tree in the Coffee family that's quickly gaining popularity around the globe. The Green Vein Indonesian variety is a very common favorite among connoisseurs. The DEA and FDA have made attempts in the past to ban it but the people of America have rose up to fight them and have won. We still need your help so stay involved in the fight! It is illegal in some states so please don't order if it's illegal where you live as we check laws prior to each shipment. People often claim that it's useful for pain, anxiety, mood, stress, and relaxation. There has even been a Netflix documentary on the herb called "Leaf Of Faith"

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review