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Upcoming Events In June 2021

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Upcoming Events In June 2021Solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 ALSO A NEW MOON!Summer Solstice! June 20, 2021!June 2021 Moon Phrase Calendar!New Moon - June 10, 2021! Full Moon - June 24, 2021!What's happ … read more

‚Äč Are you happy? Get happy.

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Has anyone ever asked you if you were happy? Of course they have right.. but so many of us will respond "yes" to this question when we are simply what I like to call "flat line". Flat line is when y … read more

May, Collective Meditation, Soul Defragmentization

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Moment entry, Day entry, single file journal entry, think of it how you will. It's a journal entry. period. I'm feeling really great lately. Surfed the new to full moon wave quite well this round. N … read more

Facts & Grow Tips For Echinacea purpurea

Posted by Star on May 9th 2021

Star-Botanicals favors Echinacea purpurea, and always has live plants of this variety, even in the fall, and winter. We want to make sure our customers have success when it comes to taking care of the … read more