​ Are you happy? Get happy.

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Has anyone ever asked you if you were happy? Of course they have right.. but so many of us will respond "yes" to this question when we are simply what I like to call "flat line". Flat line is when you're emotional state is sort of neutral. It's when you're not excited, joyful, but you're not sad, mad, or in a fit of negative emotionality either. It's when you're sort of nothing, or "in the middle". This isn't happiness though is it? Happiness is when you laugh or smile and it's for real. It's a state of being that you don't have to verbalize you're experiencing to another human being, because they can see it.

So many people go through life on this habitual auto-pilot of work, sleep, push thyself, and repeat. What is it in life that makes humans happy though? Sure, money has the potential to contribute to or create and environment conducive for happiness, but it can't actually buy the state of mind to experience happiness.. How you live your life effects your levels of happiness. How much freedom you have, how you choose to treat your body, the people you choose to put yourself around, and the crap you allow yourself to tolerate, and the goals you force yourself to reach or neglect to have.

In the Buddhist tradition, humans are not thought to be capable of "evil", but rather they are thought to create this suffering through their greed, anger and ignorance. So if we as a collective can control our emotions, by modifying our environment, the people we associate with, the choices we make, the food we eat, the substances we put in our body, and our social actions, through self discipline we can literally increase our happiness. If all human suffering is caused from ignorance, mindlessness, or a lack of conscious effort at paying attention, then this is an easy thing. It means we can take charge of our life. It may not be easy at first, but when you work at something daily, eventually it becomes a habit. Habits are hard to break, so make them good, and they will serve you well.

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