How To Pay For Kratom With Credit Card

Posted by Star on Dec 20th 2020

Kratom is considered a "high risk" item, similar to Cannabis, CBD, firearms, etc. Credit Card companies do not allow vendors who sell such items to use their services. To get around this, we can use certain services until we are kicked off. We currently still have: (this is subject to change) Venmo, CashAPP, (Both PayPal alternatives), Western Union Money Order or WU ONLINE TRANSFER, all of which you can setup with your Credit Card or bank. We also accept cash. Send payment to: (NOT THE ACTUAL SHOP ADDRESS!) James Hermann 2825 Joe Pruitt Road Navarre Florida 32566-9040 USA. [ PLEASE DO NOT PUT STAR FOR THE NAME ON THE MONEY ORDER!!] We are an online only business. These services make it extremely easy for you to pay. You will have to manually send us the payment, or manually respond to our request, but it's that easy. The site does not automatically take you to these pages.. You have to manually open your app and do so. For anything non-controversial, you can still buy through us with your credit card by buying from our ETSY shop! We even have free shipping on certain items on there!

We ask that you understand that it's only a matter of time before any Kratom vendor looses their credit card processing. The buyer being lazy ( I've been there ) really hurts businesses like ours. Without processing of CC, sales drop to around 90% less than WITH processing. This is causing businesses to go bankrupt! Please, don't allow such a small obstacle to deprive us Kratom vendors from providing you with our service, and keeping us from surviving as the wholesome entrapaneurs that we are. We will even throw in some free stuff to anyone who pays with these alternative payment methods. ( We don't accept any type of money order which requires travel to a store to cash ).

When you keep going through the search results looking for a shop with a credit card, you're contributing to other businesses going bankrupt. Please support your Kratom vendors by paying them without a credit card, because we have to make money to stay in business.