Legal Hemp Derived THC Is Here! Hemp Farm Bill Compliant!

Posted by Star on Aug 1st 2021

These days, there are a whole new range of legal hemp derived products that a stoner can appreciate. See, there are different versions of THC in Cannabis. Sense Hemp is a strain of Cannabis ( basically, Hemp is cannabis with low delta-9-thc levels ) it does produce many versions of THC, DELTA-9 being just one specific variant. Delta-8-thc and Delta-10-thc are also present, among thcv and thca as well. Even the ash of Cannabis contains THC! The Hemp farm bill makes everything in Hemp legal as long as the Delta9-thc is below a certain amount! This is a loop-hole put into law by the prohibitionist. One can speculate over if it was on purpose or not, but it does allow for the legal production, sale, and distribution of non-synthetic industrial grade hemp derived THC products.

I thought this was worth sharing on the blog here at Star Botanicals. I want people who smoke and may enjoy this product legally to know about it. It's not right for everybody but there are people out there who want the Cannabis experience without the headache and hassles of law enforcement encounters., jail, probation, costly fines, etc. This new industry is a glimpse at what full scale recreational legalization will look like. It gives us a sneak peak at how it feels to be able to buy dabs, shatter, edibles, flower, and vapes, all legally, with no annoyance or government interference. As the Cannabis boom unfolds, so with it will new lines of amazing products. In the end, the Cannabis users who were the most hard up will win. We are getting more and more access to superior quality products and THC is becoming more widely accepted as a part of American culture, just as it always was. 

That's enough though..

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