May, Collective Meditation, Soul Defragmentization

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Moment entry, Day entry, single file journal entry, think of it how you will. It's a journal entry. period.

I'm feeling really great lately. Surfed the new to full moon wave quite well this round. Now we are from full to new again. I've cleaned my room a few times during this period and it has made the vibes incredible and amplified. Huge transformational month May is.

There surely is something about the month of May. My grandma always used to use the saying, "April showers brings May flowers." May is a prime time of year for many plants to begin to flower. It's also the marking of spring's form of weather and warmer temperatures for the world at large. I started my business in May 2020. In 2021, when May rolled around, it had reached a whole new level of fruition sense its conception. There are also a few holidays in the month of May, including a global meditation event meant to cleanse the energy of the earth and all of its inhabitants, thus making the world a happier place more peaceful place, allowing old trends of hate to cease(end). These are a few examples of the evidence that May is a month of fruition and a sort of "reset period" where everything gets restored.. In the film 'What The Bleep Do We Know', an experiment involving mass meditation was discussed, and scientifically the results were lower violent crime rates, indicating that meditation is almost like a form of prayer. What zodiac sign is May?

What zodiac sign is the month of May? Cancer/Gemini right?

Which interesting synchronizations can we find between my own personal experiences, global events, and what the Zodiac says about the month of May and its corresponding zodiac signs?

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This month has been absolutely incredible for me. Now on this, May 30, 2021, the second to last day of the month, I reminisce about how great this month has been. I look back at all the amazing vibes I've felt and the masterful surfing of the universal cosmic energies of divine origin that I enjoyed while feeling all of those amazing vibes throughout this journey in life. I have regained my focus. One thing I must work on though is diversity and self discipline. For me at least, self discipline is something that always require work(effort). We wax and wane throughout our good and had habits, and for me, I really require to push myself when I feel the least motivated, because it was literally critical.

One thing that will really de-fragment your soul, is cleaning your room or home when you feel that you're in that waning(slipping, bad habit black hole) type state. This brings me to another point that I was pondering the other day. Abstinence is powerful. I'm not talking about dropping something and never coming back either when I use this term. I'm referring to deliberately delaying the act or consumption of something enjoyable in your life. This could be anything from when you smoke your next cigarette, to when you and you're lover have sex. It could be how long you go between meals, or how much soda you limit yourself to throughout the day. If you can reverse the down-regulation of dopamine receptors, you can be more receptive of more dopamine(more happiness). Allow me to explain further in the next paragraph.

See my citations for references to the notions of down-regulation and up-regulation of dopamine receptors and more. Excessive pleasure can lead to a "low" ( like the opposite of "high", ie being high;stoned ) Smoking too much, having too much sex, eating too much, gambling too much, watching too much TV, or playing too many video games, or doing too many drugs, can all burn out our dopamine systems, causing us to feel the opposite of this type of pleasure. The Buddhists believe that pleasure is the source of all human suffering. This isn't to suggest that pleasure is instinctively bad or immoral, but rather that it is the moderation of pleasureful activities that allows human beings to maintain their inner joy. When one's smile isn't forced, as if posing for a photo, but is genuine, then the dopamine system is right on time, optimized.

So my goals for the rest of the year are to slowly grow my business, continue to save money, invest wisely in domains, products, etc, and most importantly have balance between work and fun. In my life, work and fun are usually integrated. I do enjoy doing nothing sometimes though, or whatever I like. Like studying language, or writing, or brain storming, or reading. A lot of what I do for recreation is part of what I do for work. One thing I strongly need to work on, and I mentioned this earlier in this blog.. About how we fluctuate between doing really awesome and not doing so good ( in terms of our self discipline ) {self discipline is about being able to control yourself. ie "Don't smoke another cigarette yet, wait an hour".} Anyway.. I fluctuate with my dreams. I keep a dream log and write in it every morning. There are times though when I slip, and it gets kinda neglected, but then I bounce back ( wax and wan, such as the moon does ).