Upcoming Events In June 2021

Posted by Star on Jun 1st 2021

Upcoming Events In June 2021

Solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 ALSO A NEW MOON!

Summer Solstice! June 20, 2021!

June 2021 Moon Phrase Calendar!

New Moon - June 10, 2021!

Full Moon - June 24, 2021!

What's happening at Star Botancials in the month of June? Well, we have new products, and we'll be adding one new item at least to the shop every two weeks. I'll be forcing myself to add new blog post more frequently here. Star also runs several other projects, so it's hard to do too much on any one quickly. I'm also working on expanding my Domain Resume where I sell website domain names such as .com's .shop .store .biz etc. I have some really elite domain names that will continue to climb and be worth more money as the years go by. Check out my Afternic Domain Resume here! if you would like to buy high quality internet domain names for your new business!

Star still has live plants in stock in the greenhouse, but this time of year live plants sales slow. They are much bigger than normal though, so you got yourself the top shelf of the year in terms of height, size, smell, maturity. The plants are getting really big. The Catnip plants smell amazing too, and it won't be long before they begin to flower and all the cats catch on that they are in fact the amazing 'Nip(street name). Star will also be announcing some contest later in the year with free giveaways involving tagging friends. Winners will be chosen at random with a random number generator. I'll have everyone take 3 friends on my post, and then pick a random number between 1 and 420.

Star will be doing Kratom promotionals in the month of June, which includes some buy one get one free deals and maybe coupon codes that will get posted out on our social media. Please follow us on Instagram to keep up with these cool give aways. Instgram.com/star.botanicals ( Star Botanicals ) Also feel free to participate in the polls that Star releases on our Instagram story. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to check out all of the other cool blog post here. I write about some cool stuff. Browse the other blogs here!

P.S. The owner of Star's birthday is on June 4, 2021! (#_#) *sings happy bday to self*