Absinthe Ingredients

screenshot-2021-05-29-11-32-52.png           Absinthe is a type of alcoholic beverage brewed using certain plants. Some of the most important ingredients in the brew are Wormwood, and Fennel, and Anise Star. They have an incredible synergy to them flavor wise, and phyto-chemically as well. Keep in mind that beyond the base ingredients, ones own personal recipe is encouraged. People add their own pinch of this and that everywhere, to customize it and make their own unique form of the drink.

Absinthe is similar to the Ayahuasca brew in the sense that it's based off of plants, but it is not however, a "psychedelic". It can also be compared to Root Beer, or just regular Beer, being other examples of drinks made from mixing plants and fermenting ingredients. It has been improperly portrayed as that in the past, and online, and even movies, but people find out otherwise. It does have a very subtle and mysterious effect to it though that people are drawn to. It was recently made legal in the USA and now the business is beginning.

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