4(Oz) Peruvian Ayahuasca Vine (113G)

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Peruvian ayahuasca vine is also known as "Vine of the Souls." It's scientific name is "Banisteriopsis caapi". This product is just the vine, not the additional ingredients made in the actual brew. It's a staple in Peruvian Culture, where it's used in the sacred Ayahuasca brew, a tea made from multiple plants that induce a powerful dream-like state of consciousness, offering a truly special experience. Also, its effect varies widely. When taking Ayahuasca, often, people take a philosophical approach towards life and the essence of nature, stating this to be a "rebirth." To them, it's worth more than money can buy. 

Documentaries have been released on this ceremonial ethnobotanical, and political and academic reform groups have fought to legitimize its reputation. The combination of the plants used in this shamanic tea actually works with a chemical that is not only believed to exist in certain botanicals but also in your brain! It's believed to be released during sleep and dreams. That is what makes this product an oneirogen to herbalists, the interaction with that neurochemical that's also found in nature.

We get our shredded Peruvian Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) straight from our friends in Peru! You can be satisfied with your purchase, knowing that we didn't get this from someone else in the United States. It moves really fast, too, so we never have a product sitting around that has aged. Weighs 4 ounces (which is 113 grams) per quantity. We offer one of the lowest prices in the industry and the highest possible quality obtainable. To pay with a credit card, place your order through the free and easy to use built PayPal interface. No user account is required, and it allows us to accept all major credit cards.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review