Divine Symbiosis Is Natural Intelligence At Work

Posted by Star on Aug 5th 2020

Divine Symbiosis Is Natural Intelligence At Work
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Many people mindlessly regurgitate what they hear from others. They often state such nonsense as "There's no science behind that" and "There have been no scientific studies to confirm that". The truth is quite the opposite. The pharmacological potential of herbal medicine can be scientifically verified in the various studies conducted by phytochemist world wide. An example of this type of stereotypical misinformation spreading like Dandelion seeds in the wind, is the age old propaganda campaign which brainwashed the youth into thinking that "There's no science behind Marijuana having medical potential." If this was so, then how do we know about the existence of THC and CBD? These phytochemicals were named by the phytochemist which discovered them.

If you really want to know about the potential applications of different plants used in herbalism, then I suggest checking out the many scholarly journals published by trained professionals on the subject. You can use any number of academic scholarly databases such as scholar.google.com and others to seek the truth. There's a lot more pharmacological activity in any given herb than the blogospheres would have you to believe. In fact, the average phytochemical has been scientifically demonstrated to posses not just one, but many pharmacologically active properties. This is further evidence that the divine source of all of that which we call reality contains innately within its presence, a fundamental aspect of intelligence. The pharmacology of nature is one particular way in which this intelligence unfolds its infinitely creative potential.

The fact that nature is showing us its infinite potential to effortlessly and precisely construct complex pharmacological phytochemicals, is also evidence that despite the duration over which it occurs, evolution is an astronomically far out method of gaining intelligence, and constructing complex biological circuitry designed to work on a synergistically universal state of existence. In other words, all that exist is designed to sustain itself as a whole through the divine process of symbiosis. Symbiosis is the concept that the universe is built as one living system, in which smaller systems work as the organs of the cosmos. Each life form contains within it other life forms, all of which work towards a greater awareness, a greater goal, which is the consciousness of existence. Surrender and acknowledge the fact that you are not capable of grasping the infinite wisdom of Gaia, and humble yourself to fathom the power and awe inspired by the infinite love of its existence.

As stated in a blog post on BotanicalGuides.com, "Surrender and acknowledge that you lack the ability to fully comprehend reality, and embrace the gratitude and magic of its existence." I highly suggest checking out their blog post titled "Reality As We Know It" Again, "It's the mystery behind reality that manages to enhance the magical essence of everything that exist within its almighty embrace." This reminds me of another point that I'd like to make.. Just because you don't have an explanation for something, doesn't make it untrue. It doesn't necessarily make it truth either.. but the fact is, as demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment, the full blue prints of reality are something that source has hidden from us, as it knows that creatures which seek to split atoms into in order to create death and destruction, can not be trusted with such a schematic. Embrace your intuition in life, and when dealing with the energy of other plants and beings, including humans. Things are not always as they seem, but intuitively, they may very well be.

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