"Drugs Of Dreaming" Book Review

Posted by Star on Aug 14th 2020

"Drugs Of Dreaming" Book Review

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This book enabled me to bring some original content to the internet! Like the fact that the "Rifat" strain of Kratom that you hear about so much, was actually named after a phytochemist by the name of Claude rifat! Yep, I was the first to bring that knowledge to the world wide web. It's thanks to this great book though! It mentions some really interesting phytochemical studies and research conducted by Claude and others in regards to some of the worlds most popular psychoactive plants like Cannabis, Psilocybin, and others. You'll be interested to learn all about these sacred herbal medicines and what they can offer you in terms of exploration of your unconscious and subconscious mind!

The book doesn't just focus on Salvia divinorum.. So don't let the title fool you.. It's not nothing but lore, but it is a sound balance of lore, and science. The bibliography in the back is very thorough and has quite a wide range of scholarly sources cited, so don't worry about getting information that has no credible backing. I personally believe that science can't prove everything, nor is the average scientist willing to let go of their personal doubt and bias enough to actually prove something that they naturally doubt. It's odd to me that scientist of all people seem to want to downplay the complexity of existence in their minds, as if its mere existence isn't enough to make even the farthest from hippie habitually chant "woah..."

It does mention quite a few rarely known oneirogenic plants, which I really like about the book. On the internet you hear about the same oneirogens over and over again.. In fact, I made it my mission to make sure that everyone started using the word "oneirogen". I put oneirogens on the map, but following others who are on the same mission as me in life, and not single-handedly. I find it sad that certain wild plants such as Salvia divinorum have been condemned and banned because as a whole, society has failed to understand their nature and potential for a positive influence in our lives. Salvia on its own isn't much in the way of a recreational treat.. but according to the shamanic use of it, and the scientific inquiry into its potential, it might make quite the oneirogen. If only people knew how to use these things properly.. Even Cannabis today I believe, is something people abuse and fail to realize the magic of.. Perhaps it's something much more than a silly drug, and can be used to better understand yourself, and get the most out of consciousness as possible.

At any rate, this book will astound you with the insight into the notion of oneirogenic plant species, and should stimulate your mind and intellect enough to want to delve deeper into the subject. If you want to purchase Drugs Of Dreaming, please know that I will receive a small commission for you doing so. I will eventually stock this book in the shop. I'm having to take things one step at a time right now. I make no excuses for pressing forward, but have no choice but to do so at a rate in which is possible, which right now is slow. Slow and steady wins the race though, and you should remember this when bettering yourself and getting in touch with your unconscious mind and your dreams! I hope this helps and inspires you! Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything and don't forget to check out our Oneirogens at Star Botanicals!

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