How To Clone Morning Glory Vines [Flowers] (Grow From Cuttings)

Posted by * Star on Jun 15th 2020

Upon writing this blog post I haven't added any pictures yet, but I will here soon.

Plenty of people talk about growing Morning Glory from seed, and how to germinate Morning Glory Seeds, but I haven't read anything online yet about cultivating this vine from cuttings! It is absolutely possible! In this brief blog post I will teach you how it's done. The first requirement obviously is that you actually have a live, healthy, and lengthy vine growing already. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt the plant and actually encourages it to branch out even more. It will start to grow new shoots, and will have more flowers, and more seeds than before! This is an excellent way to increase seed yield. 

So, how is it done? You'll want to be sanitary when doing this, and make sure your hands, and tools are clean. You can use a pair of sharp scissors or a knife. Take your finger and place it on the vine immediately following the flower. You want to take the cutting about 3 to 4 flowers back, so the planet will be established. The width of your finger is about the distance from the flower that you want to take the cutting. Remember the width and the length of your finger are not the same thing.. The reason for this is you need to have enough vine stalk to plant, and root. 

You'll need some starter pots, and a place to put them. For cuttings, I suggest using a window seal, in a room that's warmer than other rooms in the house. Make sure the soil is wet, and pee-poke your whole to insert your cutting. You can use rooting hormone but you don't have to. Some people even like to wrap the vine with moist toiler paper and then plant. You can also just place them in a small cup of water until they root. Any method works. Once they take root, they'll start growing immediately. Give them something to climb on for the time being, and slowly re-introduce them back to the wild when the time is right. This is an easy way to double your number of flowers while cutting back the number of seeds you use, big time.

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