How To FIND Organic Soil Naturally

Posted by Star on Jul 21st 2020

How To FIND Organic Soil Naturally

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If you've checked out Star-Botanicals Instagram, you've seen how beautiful and healthy my plants look! If you've checked out this shop, then you also know, because most of the images are the same ones from my Instagram. The soil that I'm teaching you to find, is the same soil that I use personally! I prefer not to mix it with anything but on some occasions, if I have to, I'll add some fox farms organic soil or happy frog organic soil, to make it 50/50, that way I can double the amount of soil that I have. I only do this if I absolutely have to, and still don't like to. I can't stress enough, the best grown and harvested crops on the planet are cultivated in dirt crafted by nature itself! Let's get to the secret.. 

So where do I find it? This only works if you live on a street where the actual asphalt road doesn't connect directly to peoples drive ways. Look on the side of the roads where the street meets the border of the forest. If you notice patches of leaves hanging out onto the street, rake them back.. Most of the time you'll see some pitch black, rich, dark, fluffy dirt! This is the stuff! Now the key here is to get a good mixture of that, and some fluffy material that adds drainage. You don't want the soil too clay like in nature, but you don't want it nothing but light fluffy organic material either. You want a fair mix of both. If you can't find anything but the light airy stuff that refuses to hold moisture, then you can purchase Spanish peat moss and add that for water retention. Even if it's airy enough, it may have drainage issues. So you want it to hold moisture, but you want it to drain also. It shouldn't stay wet too long, but it shouldn't dry out immediately either.

How To Test Drainage To Determine If Amendments Are Needed

Water the soil, and then check back the next day, and then the next. Is the soil getting completely wet? or are patches of it still dry? Again, there are two types of natural compost you can find. The first drains too good, and the second stays wet too long ( doesn't drain well at all! ) So if you combine the two together, you get the perfect compost. You can also buy Spanish peat moss and add about 40% of it to your soil leaving you with 40/60 and you'll get better water retention. You can go less, but I wouldn't go over 40%. You can also buy organic perlite, which is a natural substance that will make your soil more airy, and help with drainage. Some plants will even handle a certain amount of sand, like Trichocereus Cactus