How To Remember Your Dreams In The Morning [ Every Day ]

Posted by Star on Aug 5th 2020

How To Remember Your Dreams In The Morning [ Every Day ]
How To Remember Your Dreams In The Morning

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In order to remember your dreams in the morning you must make certain lifestyle modifications to allow this divine ability to manifest. What you do at night before going to bed has a major impact on both your sleep and dreams. Consider the obvious things like not consuming Caffeine before sleep, and watching too much TV, or being on your phone too much. In this blog post I will share a personal method that I use for training your awareness to realize that you've just woken up. I will teach you several other important factors in making a habit of remembering your dreams every single morning. If you follow these steps, you will have success. The memory supplement one is optional but I truly believe it helps.

Train Your Awareness

In order to recall your dream life you must train your awareness in the morning to recognize the fact that you've just woken up. In other words, you must become lucid of the fact that "I just woke up". As soon as you realize this, say to yourself.. "I just woke up.. That means I was just asleep.. That means I was just dreaming... What was I dreaming about? What was I doing?" and then focus on the intention of remembering.. nothing else.. It may not work every time but the most important aspect of this practice is to realize as soon as possible that you have just woken up. The thing is, your dreams will fade from your memory REALLY quickly in the morning, regardless of how vivid they were upon first remembering them. You have to review them in your head over and over for them to become permanent memories. Imagine all of the incredible experiences that you could have nostalgia over if you just remembered more dreams? Another tip I can offer you is when you wake up, DON'T MOVE FROM THE POSITION YOU ARE IN UPON RECALLING ANY DREAMS! For some reason, rolling over seems to effect the memory.

Use Memory Supplements and Oneirogens

After you've mastered the act or becoming lucid to the fact that you've just woken up, and trained yourself to focus on what you were dreaming about in the morning, first thing upon waking, the use of herbal supplements may benefit you more here. I like to use things like Ginkgo Biloba and Intellect Tree Oil" for stimulating my memory. I also try to avoid excessive sugar, because if you hit the academic journals you'll find that it can have quite the impact on your memory. Try to do things that stimulate memory in general. Read, take notes, learn, study, etc. I've noticed an incredible difference when using these plants, but it's important to note that without the other practices mentioned in this article, you won't notice any difference. You have to KNOW that you've just woken up, and INTEND to recall your dreams, as they will fade very quickly from your conscious awareness.

Intend To Remember Dreams

Before you go to bed, set the intention to recall your dreams in the morning. Use an affirmation statement to set this intention, and when you say it, MEAN IT! An example is "I intend to remember my dreams. I intend to write my dreams down in the morning. I intend to grow as a person. I intend to realize that I am dreaming, while I am dreaming.[see lucid dreaming]" Humans are intentional creatures. While sometimes we do react or act out of defense, ego, and other internal archetypes, the only way we can accomplish what we want is if we set the intention to go out and get it. You can't land your dream job by simply wishing it to be true. You have to set the intention to go get it. The same is so with dreams. We all dream every night, whether we remember them or not. So simply set the intention to remember those dreams in the morning, and don't get discouraged if it doesn't work the first time. It takes practice and determination.

Start A Dream Journal

This is one of the most important points. If you have to use a hand held recorder, that's better than nothing. Document your dreams in some way. First thing upon waking, review them in your head a few times before you even think about moving or getting up. You have to do this every morning or eventually they start to fade. The art of remembering your dreams is like using training wheels to ride a bike. The only difference is they can fade if you stop showing interest into them. Remembering dreams is like having a relationship with a woman. If you stop paying her attention all together, she'll begin to loose her feelings for you. Nurture it, and maintain a healthy level of interest and attention to your dreams. Write them down and include as much detail as possible. Don't worry about how strange they sound and include all feelings. Describe them as you would to a total stranger and include colors, themes, feelings, places, people, day/night, and any other details possible. It's also cool to write about your day, and your feelings, day dreams, thoughts, etc the night before those dreams. I think of this as a sort of neuropathway journal. It's more than a dream log, it's a YOU log.