How To Stop Pests From Eating Your Plants Naturally

Posted by Star on Jul 25th 2020

How To Stop Pests From Eating Your Plants Naturally

There are a lot of natural herbal ways to keep plant predators out of your garden. Through the natural processes of evolution, plants have mastered the art of symbiosis and pharmacology. They have found ingenious methods for creating phytochemicals which act as natural defense mechanisms. Wormwood for example, actually got it's name due to the fact that worms will NOT eat it, nor can they stand the scent of it. Other natural pharmacological gems such as Menthol from Mint, can also keep critters away from your garden.

The idea here is to basically make an herbal tea out of whichever plants you choose to use, and then add them to a spray bottle. Spray your plants with this mixture and it will protect them from proprietorial insects, bugs, mites, aphids, and any other enemies of your crop. I prefer to use Wormwood, Mint or Peppermint oil, pure menthol crystals, and also lady bugs! Lady bugs naturally eat plant predators, and can easily serve as a sort of natural military defense against natural enemies of your crops. If you do decide to go the lady bug route, then I would avoid or be careful with what you spray your plants with as they may not like it as well.

I also like to add Echinacea, and Yucca root tea to my spray bottle because it seems to prevent any type of uncommon yet undesired fungus, etc. To prevent ants from invading your garden space you can conjure up a mixture of molasses and orange oil, or lemon oil. It will literally kill them. I hate to sound so cruel, but who likes fire ants? If they're minding their own business, cool.. but as a child I was bitten all over by the little $*%^! and I can tell you, it wasn't fun. You can buy a pesticide sprayer and add the tea to it just make sure you filter out any plant material or you'll clog up the spraying mechanism. After it rains, you'll need to reapply it. These plants can also repel chiggers, which is a plus. If you have your greenhouse or crop out in the woods somewhere, then you'll run into them and it's not fun at all.

I have to keep my blogs kind of laid back.. because if I say too much about phytochemistry, certain individuals don't like it and they find ways to affect my life over it.