Incorporate Herbal Medicine Into Mainstream Health Care

Posted by Star on Aug 6th 2020

Incorporate Herbal Medicine Into Mainstream Health Care

We need herbal activism in America on all levels, not just for Marijuana. Let's follow our friends in Germany and make herbalism a mainstream science, and get it into the health care system without putting limitations or restrictions on it for everyone. It just bothers me when people get sick and stay that way for weeks on end.. Then they wind up going to get anti-biotics and I can't help but shake my head and scoff out of irritation.. When I get sick, I take Echinacea until I'm better.. I don't stay sick for weeks on end.. Btw.. One of the most widely used and loved plants in Germany is Echinacea.

Here in the west, we have all sorts of activists. Everyone wants legal Marijuana, as they should. Our health care system has problems though, and they come in the form of deadly pills. Our government has repeatedly banned plants. They outlawed the Coca plant, Khat, tried to ban Kratom, got rid of Cannabis, Iboga, and placed certain ethnobotanicals like Mimosa hostilis in a "grey area" of the law. Meanwhile, big pharmaceutical companies are pushing their deadly and addictive narcotics like Roxycottin, Morphine, Hydrocodone, etc ( opioids ). There needs to be a movement to be more like our friends in Germany. There, herbalism is a widely accepted science, and is even incorporated into the health care system there.[1]

It seems so counter-productive that government agencies in the United States such as the FDA and DEA aren't actually doing us a service. The DEA's job is to make sure that people only buy narcotics from drug companies. The FDA's job is to make sure that the masses think that herbalism is a joke and that there is no science behind it. Unfortunately for them I have proof that holistic herbal remedies are as scientific as the law of gravity. It's a branch of chemistry called "Phytochemistry". Plants create what's known as phytochemicals, and phytochemist are the researchers who study their potential pharmacological activity. Any given herb is shown to contain many phytochemicals, each of which has been demonstrated to posses multiple pharmacologically active properties!

I must also say that this focus on legalizing Cannabis is great, but it shouldn't be our only focus. We need recreational Cannabis, and we need to educate and promote about the mainstream science behind herbalism in general. So as part of my mission in life, and to help disbelievers to understand that something like Marijuana could be medicine, I'm making sure that everyone understands what phytochemicals and phytochemistry are. The FDA can't deceive the population if everyone is quoting academic journals. No amount of disinformation can stop someone from getting their education and publishing academic journals on their own research on these pharmacological gems. So do your part. Help spread this idea. All activist groups start as ideas. Please support the Edelic Center For Ethnobotanical Services and related groups such as MAPS ( Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies ) as they are working on this very mission with ethnobotanicals of a psychoactive nature.

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