Live Kratom Plants For Sale Soon! [6/6/20]

Posted by ~ Star on Jun 6th 2020

It's June the 6th as I write this first blog post, and I have my Kratom greenhouse up and running. It will be a little while before they are ready for sale. I want to get my mother plants well established first. I will be stocking Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesian, and Malaysian kratom plants. You will have your pick between already rooted plants, or fresh cuttings. I personally suggest the fresh cuttings because, well because they are FRESH! The most important thing I think there is to understand about the cultivation of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, is that you really can't kill it. If the soil PH gets thrown off so bad that it can't grow, you can pull it up and put it in some better dirt. You can literally grow it from a dead plant, or a branch that's completely turned to lifeless organic matter. Don't panick if you have problems, just contact me and I will walk you through keeping your babies healthy, thriving, and vigorous.