Manifesting Your Dream Business And Life. The Star Botanicals Dream

Posted by Star on Jun 27th 2020

Manifesting Your Dream Business And Life. The Star Botanicals Dream

This is more than a business, it's a dream. It's a vision of my favorite plants growing in my own yard as far as the eye can see, all legal, all protected, all fenced in with my protective privacy fence and security systems shielding them from all possible threats. It's a vision of my lying in my hammock bathing in my own sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, surrounded by my best friends, my plants. It's a dream of servicing the country and supporting other American entrepreneurs while doing good for myself as well. It's a day dream that I actively manifest into this waking reality. It's about enhancing my own consciousness, life processes ( health ), dreams, awareness, and financial well being, through natural means of stimulating my mind, body and soul, along with all of the biological circuitry which accompanies these three phenomenon a well, whilst simultaneously providing this possibility for other individuals who seek the same goals as I. 

It's about stimulating my senses and indulging them with that which creation has designed for us as surviving creatures to thrive on. It's about embracing my senses and consciousness, with elation in regards to the taste, the sight, the sound, the small, and the feelings of being immersed in the natural, in the organic. In this, my own personal pursuit of happiness, I actively and currently allow myself to feel happiness, rather than just seeing it as a goal off in the distance. I actively create my reality. I attentively attract and manifest that which I desire on a daily basis into this my own personal physical reality. Everything that I once felt intense elation from the mere thought of, I can now reach out and touch. Everything that I once felt intense elation from the mere day dream of, is now a current reality. I will continue to ponder more and more visions of the perfect life that I want, the life that I once mistakenly thought was only a fantasy, only a dream, until I finally realized that dreams my friend, do come true. 

What I focus on manifest itself in the physical.. What I dare dream, creates emotions from within, which ripple out into this the see of nothing but pure potential, pure manifestation, pure dream, that which we call reality. Dare to see it in your mind, and dare to never rest until you repeatedly and continuously attract those visions and create them. In the different levels of consciousness, we start at the bottom. The bottom level requires hard work and patience. Once we move up to the next level, we've already gained our connections, developed our income, and now we are ready to move up.

As we progress in the different states of entrepreneurship, we find our path becomes easier and easier. Go with the life flow, and allow the dream to transport you down the path that your heart desires, no matter how far fetched your haters may claim that to be. It's yours for the taking, and remember to enjoy every step of the way as you reality unfolds before you in the way in which your heart desires it to unfold. Thanks for stopping by guys!

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