Psychedelic Dreams and Lucid Consciousness

Posted by Star on Aug 4th 2020

Psychedelic Dreams and Lucid Consciousness

Have you ever had dreams that reminded you of a DMT, Psilocybin, or LSD Trip? I have! I'm not sure if it's from taking all kinds of rare ethnobotanicals used by far out cultures like the Shamans of Peru, or the Native Americans of the states.. Either way, when you experience something of this astronomically mystical nature, you never forget its presence in your life. I think it may be caused from consuming a wide range of Oneirogens over the years, and truly seeking to explore and manifest the most vivid, and out there dreams of my life. I'd like to talk a bit about the Oneirogens I've used, and a few really far out experiences I've had in the dream realm in this blog. I hope you enjoy! ( Please excuse the popup ads as they make me money )

I've noticed that certain plants which contain the same phytochemicals seem to have a completely different oneirogenic nature to me. The first one that I want to mention is Passion Flower. I remember once many years ago ( I'll never forget this ) I drank a huge cup of it and smoked some ... I put on this song by the Flaming Lips called " The Impulse " ( which is very relaxing and I suggest it to anyone who's meditating or preparing for sleep ) I would meditate on the music and relax every aspect of my being. At the time I was very much into "spirituality" and being the most evolved human being that I could. ( I still am into this ) It's a shame that our neediness towards money actually has us stuck in a devolved state of existence, but I digress.. Anyway point being, I would do what I like to call "Third eye Pushups", and I'll talk more about those in the next paragraph, and tell you about the psychedelic dream that I had during this nap..

"Third Eye Pushups" is a catch phrase that I coined in order to represent any type of exercise designed for exercising your minds ability to consciously perceive. One of my favorite practices was, and still is, is to lay in the bed, and while meditating, visualize every single color of the spectrum, one at a time, filling your entire body and the room that you're in as well. It can be quite the challenge. With the use of micro-dosing substances that I won't mention here, and using oneirogenic substances such as Passion Flower, Ayahuasca, Dream Herb ( Calea zachatechichi ), and other really far out ethnobotanicals, I swear that I've been able to stimulate my minds ability to create imagery within its window of perception. I had become so skilled at this at one time that I could visualize complex geometric shapes at will, both awake and in my dreams. It's very challenging to remain at 100% with the constant struggles of life though.

I almost forgot to tell you about this dream.. In the dream I started out in Pensacola, the city in which I was born. I grew up in the neighboring town of Navarre Florida. This is a place that I have repeatedly attracted the direct hit landfall of many hurricanes over the year with the law of attraction. Storms like Erin, Opal, Ivan, and Dennis, have all came ashore on the same exact island, but I digress. Anyway, I'm in my dream and I realize.. I want to go back to Navarre.. I wanted to get to my Grandma because I missed her. Suddenly, I become lucid. The scenery changes and I am floating in an infinite sea of potential creative energy and I see colors and visuals everywhere, very much so like I am experiencing a very intense psychedelic experience. If you think about the fact that we have DMT in our brains, and that Psilocybin is a form of DMT, then it makes sense that this innate ability to experience psychedelic experiences every single night of our lives is possible! We ARE ENTHEOGENS!

I hate that there's always some sort of need to control and oppress this type of life style. We're not aloud to freely use every substance that we wish. Some of the best ones are controlled. This to me indicates the true nature of the "war on drugs". Because really, these substances are being allowed for the most part on a pharmaceutical level, so that tells you right there that this isn't about prohibition, it's about control. Let's change the name from "The War On Drugs", to "The Control Of Drugs". Freedom means freedom and I'm so grateful to see human beings taken action and not sitting back like a bunch of complacent yes men and yes women.

With groups like NORML, and MAPS, and the Edelic Center For Ethnobotanical Services, along with the American Kratom Association, we are taking back our right to consume and utilize natural substances which enhance consciousness, and allow us the means to heal and explore our own psychology. Please support these groups and get involved as the fight requires as many of us as possible.

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