The Dream Herb Calea zacatechichi

Posted by Star on Jul 26th 2020

The Dream Herb Calea zacatechichi

What is Dream Herb? (Calea zacatechichi)

Calea zacatechichi is what's scientifically referred to as an "oneirogen". These types of plants were researched by a famous phytochemist (among others) by the name of Claud Rifat. He is well known for his activism in spreading Kratom genetics to western countries such as the Americas and Canada. It's origin of use it believed to be Mexico, where natives used it as a way to enhance, stimulate, and manifest the recall of dreams. I'll talk more about this in the next paragraph.

What is the lore associated with Dream Herb?

It's been traditionally cultivated and used by the Chontal natives of Mexico, a shamani-like culture who uses it to induce what they believe to be prophetic dreams, and for "dream divination". Prophetic dreams indicates prophecy through dreams. It's the notion that one can predict the future through visions obtained in the dream-state. They would also put some of it under their pillow with a certain question in mind, and believed that it would induce a dream which would give them prophetic insight into the answer of that question.

Is there any science behind Calea zacatechichi?

Believe it or not, yes. As I point out across the internet, there is scientific inquiry into the use of oneirogenic, medicinal, and psychoactive plants. The study of plant pharmacology is called Phytochemistry, which focuses on discovering the medicinal potential of complex phytochemicals crafted by nature itself in accordance to the digital blueprints encoded into their very DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid). It's a pretty incredible field that doesn't get enough attention or credit. Despite what you may have heard, scholars to in fact study these types of plants. I've quoted some citations at the bottom of this page for credibility. Feel free to check them out. Dream herb is found to contain: "sesquiterpene lactone zexbrevin, several analogs of neurolenin B including calein A, two analogs of budlein A and the flavones acacetin and O-methylacacetin." It also contains "additional analogs of neurolenin B as well as a series of epoxidation products". Another study looked into two groups, one given a placebo and the other Calea extracts. The study concluded that ""the individuals that reported more than one dream per session were always the ones treated with C. zacatechichi extracts.". So there you have it, no one can state that this is merely lore as there has been some academic research to back up its potential. This study was mentioned in one of my favorite books titled "Drugs Of Dreaming".

How to use Dream Herb

Traditionally it's consumed in the form of a horrible tasting tea, and then smoked at the same time. Personally, I prefer to "toss and wash" it, or put it in capsules. The capsules that I use I manually fill, and use about 3-4 grams of the plant material per dose. There's a lot of variation in the opinions of how it works and what the best way to use it is. Mine differs, but to each their own. I believe that you get one good session out of using it, and then continued use from that point on just has the opposite effect. I've noticed that spacing your doses out is the best way to get optimal results from the herb. What I do is I take some around the new moon, and the full moon, ensuring that there are about two weeks between use. I'll dose about 3 nights in a row, and if one of those nights feels like the "hit" then I quit. Try to have some type of dream incubation plan in order before consuming it, and see what kind of results that you get!

How to get rid of the taste of Calea zacatechichi?

The taste of Calea zacatechichi (dream herb) is agreeably horrible to everyone who uses it. It's not easy to take like Chamomile or Echinacea, etc. I've found that treating it like Tequila is best. Take a shot, and have a lime wedge prepared for afterwards. The idea is to have something more potent than the taste of the herb once you've consumed it. Of course if you use capsules you can avoid all of this all together.

Where to Buy Calea zacatechichi 

Here at Star-Botaniacls we stock premium quality Calea zacatechichi that's obtained directly from my people, the Chontal natives of Mexico. The plant material is virtually still in tact and the potency is out of this world. Please feel free to shop for Dream Herb at Star-Botanicals.

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