Tips For Getting Better Sleep And Feeling Better In The Morning

Posted by Star on Jun 26th 2020

Tips For Getting Better Sleep And Feeling Better In The Morning

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Avoid Evening and Nighttime Stimulants

Substances are great. We all enjoy some form of guilty or non-guilty pleasure at some point in life. The problem with certain things though like stimulants is that they can keep us alert and awake at night. Many people claim that Caffeine doesn't keep them from sleeping. Think about what it must be like for your body though while you are in sleep, and your brain is going through Caffeine cravings and withdrawals. To illustrate my point, I'd like to propose an experiment for everyone to try at home on their own to prove this ideology to yourself. If you have bad habits like I sometimes do, involving consumption of Caffeine or other stimulants late in the evening, between 5-10pm, then try going without starting at 5 o'clock. Eventually you will star to become tired rather quickly. This shows you that the only thing keeping you up at those hours is artificial drug induced energy. The reality is your body is tired and you're just tricking it with substances. There is nothing wrong with those substances, but they are meant for proper use. So rule #1 for getting better sleep is no Caffeine or any type of stimulants after 5 o'clock. The reason why is it's stated that substances can stay in your body for up to 6-8 hours after consumption.

Go To The Bathroom 2-3 Times Before Bed And After Your Last Drink

Getting up to go relieve ourselves can be a big time factor in getting poor sleep. Often we're so tired we put it off and it actually keeps us awake in the process. Another factor could be that our brains are thought to function optimally with hydration, so I started making sure to get hydrated around 4-5 o'clock being finished at 5. I figured my brain would produce the best dreams possible if it had adequate hydration, and wasn't going bonkers for some Caffeine or anything else at the time. If you're a Marijuana smoker, there's nothing wrong with that but In my opinion, going in to sleep sober and clear minded is the best for sleep and dreams. If you do enjoy nightly cannabis go with a high Indica low THC variety. The high CBD content may actually help with rest and possibly even dreams.

Avoid TV, Video Games, Computers, PHONES 3-5 hours before sleep. 

Our minds work in a similar fashion to plants. When the lights go out, internal processes change. Chemical changes take place as the body prepares to go to sleep. Sleeping with the light on, the television on, etc, is VERY HARMFUL! People will argue with this all day long, but darkness is actually what triggers our brains to release Melatonin, which is a natural hormone that literally enables and induces our sleep states! If you don't believe me check out the facts via and read some academic journals on the subject. People often argue that their cell phones couldn't possibly put out enough light to interrupt sleep. To prove my point that it more than can, turn out all the lights, and then point your cell phone screen around the room. It's REALLY bright. Turn off that TV, computer, phone, etc, and PREPARE for sleep. Make your night time a ceremonially significant part of your day that you utilize to prepare for vivid, and lucid dreams, and a very deep, peaceful, uninterrupted, and full on nights sleep. Plan to wake up feeling refreshed!

Prove To Yourself What Causes Low Energy In The Morning

If you wake up feeling groggy, hung over, tired, exhausted, etc, then think about what you did the night before. Try not to do those things for a few nights and see how you feel in the morning. Test everything I've mentioned in the blog, and test the opposite. See which one gives you better results, and as this proof becomes known fact to you, please do me a favor and tell the others! Thanks again for stopping by and don't forget to check out the great selection of products here at Star Botanicals!


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