Using Kratom To Bring Motivation To Your Life

Posted by Star on Aug 14th 2020

Using Kratom To Bring Motivation To Your Life

From my experience, and this is no scientific or medical claim, I believe that Kratom is a great herbal tool to bring motivation to your life. It shouldn't be depended on to feel this way, but it's a great bonus in my opinion for getting work done and chasing your dreams. The only thing you should be chasing in life is your dreams, and everything that is a bonus will chase you at that point. Know that if you abuse Kratom for too long though, it can actually have the opposite effect. I suggest spacing your doses out by 6 hour intervals and taking breaks from time to time. If you sense your tolerance is climbing, cut back immediately. Kratom is a great tool to adjust the attitude that our mind perceives.

Attitude is everything in life. You behave how you believe. Even if you're making assumptions about your ideas or actions based on your past experiences, your attitude can make or break the results which will manifest based on these ideas. Kratom can shift a dull perspective to a motivated and ambitious one. It teaches to have this perspective without its presence in your soul. It's essentially phytochemical training wheels. I think it would be a great substance to be used in therapy. I wish the world would embrace an herbal approach to mental health. Instead of making people crazy with bizarre psychotropic pharmaceuticals, we could use much better substances that actually stimulate a persons sense of well being, while giving them clarity on their psychological issues, and a whole new bright perspective on life.

A group calls MAPS is actually working towards this right now.. They want the medical and legal establishment to acknowledge the science behind natural therapeutic substances such as Kratom, MDMA, LSD, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and others. So the idea that Kratom could bring motivation to your life isn't such a non-scientific one after all. Phytochemical studies have recognized its pharmacology as stimulant in nature, among other things. Claud rifat is also a famous phytochemist, among other things, who has made the science behind Kratom a well known series of facts to other students with his research, and academic journals publications. His work made it known to the world that mitragynine is one of the primary psychoactive components possessed by the herb. Big pharmaceutical companies have already made a pill out of Kratom. You can search that online to learn more about it..

I can tell you from experience that some of my best work was done under the influence of Kratom. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, and has been for over ten years. I've been there sense the beginning, fighting and writing about this little known tree from South East Asia that's taken the entire world by surprise! So feel free to check it out, and do as much research as you can on its use before trying it, so you know what you're in store for! Play it safe, practice moderation, and tell others about it! Get involved, and do your part to counteract lies (misinformation), and please take a stand by signing petitions, and supporting political organizations who fight to keep me and you out of jail for our choice to consume Kratom and other plants which make us happy and motivated.


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