Dream Dictionary Book By: Tony Crisp An A-Z Guide To Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

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The Dream Dictionary is a collection of collective symbolism in the minds of human kind. The citations in the back are epic in their scholarly nature. A lot of folks tend to stereotype dream interpretation and symbology as nothing but folk lore, however some of the most pronounced names in psychology like Jung and Frued were very interested in dream interpretation and dreams in general. This book is an excellent resource for those interesting in tapping into the hidden knowledge communicated to them every night by their unconscious and subconscious mind! An A-Z guide, the book is thorough in explaining what each dream symbol means, and allows you to better understand yourself as a living being! Tony crisp is one of my favorite authors of all time, and in my opinion, a very important human being for the human collective consciousness! You can also check out a couple of blogs that I've wrote on the subject: How To Remember Your Dreams , Meditation Techniques To Induce Lucid Dreams, and Star's Guide To Lucid Dreaming  Don't forget to check out our selection of Dream Herbs ( Oneirogens )! 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review