Echinacea purpurea Seeds (2g)(Non-Gmo) Heirloom Organic

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2 Grams Of Seeds Per Pack! [ More than the average retailer! ]

These seeds are heirloom, and non-gmo. They are organic, and crafted by the perfection of nature itself! Echinacea purpurea is often called "Purple Coneflower", while the flowers are actually pink. It's a very popular herb in Germany for immune support and dealing with the common cold, flu, etc, and was also prized by the Native Americans. It's personally one of my favorite plants of all time, which is why I chose it as one of the fist items to add to this shop. I will also stock Echinacea herb. Here at Star Botanicals, you actually get more seeds for your money than a lot of our other competitors. I will add more pictures soon so you can see exactly what you're getting. I will have the heirloom seed market on lockdown!

This product is also available on Star's ETSY store, with free shipping! ( Assuming that's all you're buying is the seeds, otherwise you're better off here ) Note: Star-Botanials sells certain items here, that we're not allowed to sell on etsy, like Kratom, and Banisteriopsis caapi vine ( Ethnobotanicals )


(No reviews yet) Write a Review