German Chamomile Seeds NON-GMO Heirlooms Free Shipping!

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Product Overview

Star offers much more seeds than the average other seed dealers in terms of QUANTITY. We give you a really good flat rate price of $2 for these seeds with free shipping as well. These are non-gmo heirlooms originating from Germany, German Chamomile! Check out the images to see more and what the bags of seeds look like.

Star sell other ethnobotanical products here that Star can't sell on ETSY like Kratom, Banisteriopsis caapi vine, Ololiuqui plants, and more. 

You can also order these seeds via our ETSY Store with a simple to use Credit/Debit card checkout system.

Star currently accepts: Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, and Western Union Money Order / Cash


(No reviews yet) Write a Review