Live Cactus Cuttings ( Mostly Trichocereus )

There are many entheogenic Cacti that exists which are very similar to San Pedro, and we will have them all. All of the species listed in this section are legal to buy, sell, cultivate, and posses. They are sold for collectors, and ornamental purposes only. Cactus strains in this section are those which have been prized by different cultures in religious ( entheogenic ) context, and have a vast history of ethnobotanical use. Our favorite has to be the Peruvian Trichocereus! Trichocereus varieties are the most sought after by ethnobotanical enthusiast. There are other families though which share their phytochemical makeup. Star wants to keep this legacy alive, for both those with degrees in phytochemistry who would like to study them in laboratory settings, and Cactus cultivators and enthusiast as well!


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