Live Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) Plants!

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We're down to the last 2 live plants in our warehouse! They're the biggest we've had listed for sale all year! See the first two images for the 2 plants we have left. They will require a large flat rate USPS box. We'll ship 2 day priority.

Our LIVE Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Plants ( Argyreia nervosa ) are a very prized specimen in the ethnobotanical community. We have scoured the Earth to find you legit genetics of the finest grade Woodrose on the market. These plants will literally climb to the Land Of Oz. They are very easy to grow, and produce tons of new seeds for further growing. This variety is not to be confused with Ololiqui, or Rivea corymbosa. The two are closely related and equally sough after. We will have both available soon! (Once things warm up!)

Note: The seeds are extremely difficult to germinate, which is why the costs of these plants is higher than most of our other plants. You're basically paying for someone to do the most difficult part of growing these for you. After you harvest your own seeds and attempt to grow them, you'll understand. The first photo shown on this item represents what you're getting. The other pictures show what it looks like as it grows.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review