Live Ololiuqui Plants (Rivea corymbosa; Ipomoea corymbosa; Turbina corymbosa)

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Ololiuqui is also known by several scientific names including: Ipomoea corymbosa, Rivea corymbosa, and Turbina corymbosa. It's closely related to Vidhara, also known as Argyreia nervosa. We sell both! Both are closely related to Morning Glory and other various Ipomoea strains, which we also stock. They are notoriously difficult to germinate and take care of as babies, thus increasing the value of this product. I will be selling clones from the best genetics that I have, ensuring that you too obtain quality genetis.

This product should be in stock soon, between April-May 2021, maybe sooner.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review