Live Shamrock Plant! (Trifolium dubium) St Patrick's Day Clover Plant!

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You can purchase Live Shamrock Plants at our ETSY shop via this link!

We will have many more of these live Shamrock plants (Trifolium dubium) in stock soon! When our stock gets really low on an item, then we list the last few quantities of it on our ETSY, and leave the listings here marked as out of stock, until we get more. So basically the last few plants available will be listed there.

Shamrock is considered a symbol of good luck, among other things. It has a history of use in herbalism as medicine, believe it or not, and quite a history of folk lore surrounding it as well. It's an iconic leaf in the nation of Ireland, and is often recognized around the world as being a symbol associated with their culture, and the holiday of St. Patricks Day. It's truely an under-rated plant that people should learn more about. I suggest digging through the scholarly peer reviewed journals to learn more about the complex phytochemistry of this botanical species. (#_#)

Get your Shamrock plants while they're hot! Just in time for St. Patricks Day!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review