Non-Gmo Heirloom Herb Seeds & Plants

Non-Gmo Heirloom Herb Seeds & Plants

Heirloom and non-gmo genetics are important to anyone serious about the health of their-self and the planet. Our seeds and plants are not genetically modified in a laboratory, meaning that they are organic and the way that nature intended. Hybridization is a natural process which is not to be confused with GMO. Here you will find A-Z herb seeds, and plants for sale. We only supply you with organically grown and harvested heirloom genetics, which are obtained from our own supply, or other domestic organic-farmers. When you buy your seeds from us, you can know that you're getting your stuff from a safe and trusted vendor who cares about quality, natural selection, and fair prices. Our selection will continue to grow ( pun intended ) over time. Feel free to check back to see what else we have! We will also stock live fruit, vegetable, and ethnobotanical specimens (plants) as well!


We also sell these seeds and herbs on our ETSY Shop, where we offer free shipping on certain items.


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