Non-Gmo Morning Glory Seeds [Heavenly Blue Ipomoea ]

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Morning Glory seeds grow as a vine. It needs something to climb. Keep in mind that you don't want them climbing all over certain plants. This is the " Heavenly Blue " variety of Ipomoea. They will literally climb until they reach the land of oz, somewhere over the rainbow. ;) We offer 5 grams of seeds for $3.21, a deal that is better than our competitors. Burpee sells 1.5 grams on their website for $4.95 the last time I checked. You get a better deal here than going to a typical retail store. All seeds on this site are non-gmo and harvested from organic crops! This product is not treated with anything! The germination rate is 98%! Feel free to check out our blog post on how to clone Morning Glories. You can also avoid having to germinate them all together and buy live MG plants here! To pay with a credit card, you can use the free and no account required PayPal interface which allows us to accept any major credit or debit card! Note: We also stok bulk deals on these seeds, with quarter pounds! Finally, you can also find them in our ETSY SHOP!

heavenly blue morning glory seed pack 5g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review