Non-Gmo Organic Mullein Seeds [.5G]

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Non-Gmo Mullein Seeds! [.5g] Per Pack! (1/2 Gram Packs) $1.99

Mullein is often called "Cowboy Toiletpaper" because of it's soft and fuzzy leaves. It contains a phytochemical called mucilage, which is believed to clear sinus congestion, demonstrate anti-bacterial properties, and help sooth imflamed lungs, and the respiratory system in general. It's thought of by herbalists as a natural bandaid. It's one of my personal favorites. It enjoys sandy soil. It's best to mix regular potting soil with 50% sand, and some perlite, and grow it that way. It's very resiliant and easy to grow. There are literally thousands of seeds in each seed pack. To pay with a credit card, check out via our ETSY Shop!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review