Christian Prayer Guide - How To Pray Effective Prayers

Posted by Star on Nov 29th 2021

Prayer Guide

I'm going to make a few base points first.

1) Prayer is supernatural
2) Gods protection requires your cooperation

Then, I will give details as to how to pray.

Prayer is a supernatural activity that works through the power of the holy spirit, the father(God;Yahweh;The Most High;Jahova;Elohim;Alpha & Omega;Adonai;Ancient Of Days;Immanuel;Lion Of Judah;"I am";), The Son(Jesus Christ;Yeshua;Joshua;). People waste their time with the new age occult movement thinking they can be like the most high God. As a result of this, they are cursed. It's not uncommon for people to discover (prove) that Jesus Christ is real after paranormal activity begins as a result of doing forbidden occultist new age practices (tarot, "crystal healing", etc) They want the activity to stop, and eventually discover the power of the Christian religion. It is forbidden in the bible to want to be like god. The first lie the serpent ever told man was one intended to tempt us to attempt to be like God. Fortunately for us, we don't have to be like the Ancient Of Days, Immanuel, the most high GOD from the Christian Bible. As long as we serve Yahweh, we will be blessed with his protection from evil, and he will take care of us. Psalms 91:9-10: "For you have made the Lord(Yahweh) my refuge even the most high your dwelling place, and no evil will befall you, nor will any plague come near your tent."

What is not blessed by Elohim(God), the Alpha and Omega, is cursed. For it is a curse to not be blessed by our savior. Either the fallen angel Lucifer, disused as an angel of shimmering light, has the main influence in your life, or the most high father Immanuel, the god of the Bible, is your main influence. I'm reminded of Psalms 91:1 (911 interestingly), "He who dwells in the shelter of the most high, will abide in the shadow of the almighty." If you want the projection of the Lion Of Judah, of GOD, you must stay next to him and abide by him. You must actively seek to be as righteous as he. Don't try to be god, try to be righteous as god would have you to be. It truly is for our best interest. Now that we have established the base points, you are ready to learn how to have the most effective prayers. If you don't already have a base relationship with Yeshua(Jesus Christ), then you should start there.

The first step is to make sure that you are cool, and not recovering from some sort of emotional outburst. If you have just experienced an intense emotional experience, calm yourself down first. Once you are ready, the first thing you want to do is conjure up the holy spirit. Call for Jesus Christ to come and be with you, and call for the father, god in heaven grace you with his holy spirit, that the father, the sun, and the holy spirit be with you. Do this a few times, and you will feel it take place. Once you are fully bathed in the presence of the holy spirit, ask god for what it is you want. Make sure you are humble during the process, and talk with Yahweh(The Alpha and Omega; Elohim; Immanuel) in a cool way. You don't have to every other Christian. Be real with Immanuel, and you will be rewarded with a better relationship with him. Remember to pray for Jesus and the father and the holy spirit to bless your food and drink, and to restore, replenish, rejuvenate, and cleanse your body, mind, and spirit from all impurity and iniquity. Make a habit of doing this and praying every single day, and your life will be blessed.

P.S. Random Fact: The new age movement stole "I am" from God, of the Bible.

Jeremiah 33:3 ESV "Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known."