How To Maximize Your Prayer Practice Effectiveness

Posted by Star on Dec 16th 2021

Several cultures note the effects that fasting have on prayer, including Islam and Christianity. The bible mentions it often.<sup>[1]</sup> One should "feel" the prayers effectiveness as its taking place. Hedonism weakens our soul and spirit, and makes us less in tune with God, as does sin, and our prayers much less likely to be taken as serious. God will never completely forget you, but the more you turn your back, the worse your luck gets. Below I have developed a spiritual practice plan that will strengthen your prayer life and your enjoyment of the prayers as well. It's simply a prayer routine designed to maximize your experience.

1) Read Psalms 91 to warm up {or choose your fav!}

~ Remember your intention is to conjure the holy ghost. Reading a quick bible verse that really speaks to you and stirs something up inside of you before saying your prayer can help to conjure up the holy ghost.

2) Remember your story of salvation briefly.

~ Again, your intention is to summon the holy spirit so remembering your first encounter with Christ and Yahweh accomplishes this very quickly. It's my belief that your prayers are much more, personal and intimate if you put more energy into it, and make it your goal to first obtain the holy spirit as you would feel it in your presence at Church. You need to FEEL Yahweh and Christ with you.

3) Begin your prayer with my intro (or write your own!)

~ You've now got the holy spirit with you, and you're ready to pray! Ask for what you need to ask, have your moment with god, embrace it, savor it, don't rush it, and after you're done speaking, take a moment to listen. Don't break your prayer stance until you've meditated in the prayer seeking gods word in return. A conversation requires prayer, and listening.

Repeat this intro several times before saying your actual prayer. A lot of cultures practice chanting, and in Eastern cultures they have Mantras, which are basically prayers. All of these practices involve words, and the tongue. Cultures everywhere agree when it comes to the power of the tongue, the power of words. Prayer uses words. Prayer is all about the power of tongues. It helps to speak your prayers out loud I do believe.

"In the name of Jesus Christ, The Ancient Of Days, and the Holy Spirit I pray... Of The will, grace, and mercy of the Most High God of the sacred holy scriptures I humbly ask.. that you Please grace me with your presence so that we may be alone to pray and commune for a time...and that you may wash me of all iniquity and impurity that I may be cleansed in your shadow.."

Then say your prayer..

After you're done, again, stay in prayer position and listen to God while you're there. Communication is two way. Meditate on what God is saying to you. After you're done, sit quietly and contemplate for a short time, then maybe have some tea and get on with your day slowly but surely. Thank Jesus, and Thank the Most High and tell them that you love them, and make it your mission to walk in their shadow. Repent, and be more like Christ and become friends with Adonia, for as Psalms 91:3 puts it, "It is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, and from the deadly pestilence." :)

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