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How To Pay For Kratom With Credit Card

Posted by Star on Dec 20th 2020

Kratom is considered a "high risk" item, similar to Cannabis, CBD, firearms, etc. Credit Card companies do not allow vendors who sell such items to use their services. To get around this, we can use c … read more
Using Kratom To Bring Motivation To Your Life

Using Kratom To Bring Motivation To Your Life

Posted by Star on Aug 14th 2020

From my experience, and this is no scientific or medical claim, I believe that Kratom is a great herbal tool to bring motivation to your life. It shouldn't be depended on to feel this way, but it's … read more

Kratom & Ethnobotanical Affiliate Program

Posted by Star on Aug 13th 2020

Earn Valuable Income From The Internet While You Sleep!Star-Botanicals affiliate program is free to join. Unlike a lot of other scams out there, we ACTUALLY FRICKIN PAY YOU! Why? I started this busine … read more

The Kratom Experience

Posted by Star on Aug 4th 2020

This experience report is based on my beliefs, my experiences, my perception, and my opinion. I am not a doctor, scientist, or medical professional. Consult your health care provider befo … read more

Live Kratom Plants For Sale Soon! [6/6/20]

Posted by ~ Star on Jun 6th 2020

It's June the 6th as I write this first blog post, and I have my Kratom greenhouse up and running. It will be a little while before they are ready for sale. I want to get my mother plants well establi … read more