Live Passion Flower Vine Plant (Purple Maypop)

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Passion Flower contains passiflorine, harmaline, and harmala. It's similar to plants like Chamomile, but phytochemically similar to Banisteriopsis caapi, or Syrian Rue, or Bobinsana even. It was used by the Native Americans to sooth people, and ceremonially. It's well known and listed in common herbalism books and encyclopedias. Anyone who writes about it has a lot of peer reviewed resources to go off of. I've cited some below. It's a vine, and a climber. It makes big magnificent alienish like flowers that look like they're from another planet. ( see the photos for this product ) It's often brewed into a tea to relax, or as an oneirogen. Some make it into a tincture.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review