Purple Top Turnip Seeds (non-gmo) Organic

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Purple Top Turnip Seeds! Non-Gmo and Organic! Harvested with full respect to future generations!

It takes aproximately 50 days for these plants to reach maturity. The roots produce a 4-6" globe shaped vegetable. They produce a purple crown, with white below. The seeds should be sown in 2" spacings, with a planting depth of 1/4". It's suggested to use organic soil or compost to nurture the earth and produce the highest potency vegetables possible. Thank you for making the choice to give back to the planet and your family! Our Turnip seed packs contain 6 grams of quality seeds with a high 98% germination rate! You'll get more than enough seeds to sow quite the survival garden. We strive to offer our customers more seeds for a better price than our competitors. Thanks for chosing Star Botanicals!

Skin Color: Bright Purple Crown, White Below
Planting Depth: 1/4"
Spacing Between Plants in Row: 2"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review