QP(4oz) Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds (Non-GMO Heirlooms)

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Product Overview

Save a lot of money if you're interested in bulk quantities of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds with our quarter pound deal for 4 ounes for $28.99! That's 112 grams of un-treated, non-gmo, heirloom seeds with a 99% germination rate! We also have this deal in our ETSY Shop, where you can get a better price on shipping. If all you're buying is the seeds, it's a better deal on shipping costs that way. Morning Glories are annuals, meaning they grow, flower, produce seeds, and die, all in one year. We also have small paks of Morning Glory Seeds for $3.21, which weigh in at 5 grams.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review