Red Corn Poppy Seeds 260+ (Papaver rhoeas) Non-GMO Heirlooms

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Papaver rhoeas is the scientific name for the Red Corn Poppy.
According to Star's sources, "Papaver rhoeas L. (Papaveraceae), commonly known as corn poppy, is a cosmopolitan weed and edible plant capable of possessing biological properties, thus positive correlating with human health. The plant is also known as field poppy, flanders poppy or shirley poppy. It can be consumed raw or cooked, and has been traditionally used to treat nervousness, insomnia, digestive and respiratory disorders, baldness, eye infections, as well as measles treatment. "
This is a suprise to me, as you don't hear about the Red Corn Poppy often, likely due to the fact that unlike it's mostly illegal cousin, it doesn't produce opiates nor opioid-like substances. Table 1 on this scholarly document shows its phytochemical constituents! These are naturally produced via blueprints written into the plants DNA, that allow it to create pharmacological miracles! Yes, I would totally go as far as to call them that, as well as life, DNA, and the natural order of things, without intereference from man. This is, divinity.
Our seeds are 100% non-gmo! ( As we believe in not tampering with the natural order of things in this world, and we appreciate the reality that has been created for us as it is, without condemnation or the need to improve upon its circuitry and functioning. ) We have free shipping ( snail mail, or two day priority for $8.xx ) if you want $3.xx first class shipping with tracking, then you can Buy Star's Red Corn Poppy Seeds at our ETSY shop! If you want paid shipping you can get it cheaper there. If you want free shipping buy here.
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Learn more about the plants phytochemical constituents here, or you could also check Google Scholar at ... I can not condone the blind adherance to believing all information to be truthful.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review