Red Thai Kratom [7.1 OZ] (Mitraygna speciosa)

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Red Thai Kratom is a relaxing strain of the Mitrgyna speciosa products harvested and sold through the Star... Its veins are the color red indicating its type of value and properties. Star offers the finest Thai genetics on the planet. We have amazing prices and unbelievable prod that you will want to tell others about. 

Kratom is a tree of the Coffee family. The FDA doesn't like it. People enjoy it in America now, as a new western tradition emerges. Emerging is the speciosa uprise, a unity of people all brought together via Kratom. Humans believe it gives them energy, pain relief, and sedation. It produces a phytochemical constituent known mitrygnine. The pharmacology of this phytochemical is quite interested. See for more scholarly information on the subject.

Statements are based on cultural traditions and beliefs and are not to be taken as medical or scientific claims. Not evaluated or approved by the fda. Consult your healthcare provider before use. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review