Staghorn Sumac Seeds Non-GMO (Rhus typhina) Heirloom

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Freshly harvested Staghorn Sumac seeds! Wild vibrations! This is the Rhus typhina variety. Star offers 50 seeds for $2.60!

Staghorn Sumac ( Rhus typhina )

Type: Aromatic Flower
Family: Anacardiaceae
Native To: Subropical and Temperate Regions; Eastern Asia, Africa, and North America.
Pharmacological potential: ( Of The Plant, not necessarily of the seeds ) Antihaemorrhoidal Antiseptic Astringent Blood purifier Diuretic Emetic Galactogogue Poultice Stomachic Tonic VD Warts

Sumac isn't all poison. There are non-poisonous varieties, which most are. This strain has medicinal benefits and is used around the world for its properties by herbalists. It's commonly believed to benefit diarrhoea, fevers, piles, general debility, and is thought of as a uterine prolapse by herbalists. It can tolerate a variety of soil conditions inluding rich soils, and gravel and sandy nutrient-poor soils as well. It also grows by streams and swamps, roadsides, and other random places, just like any type of random "weed". It has been studied by phytochemist for its potential antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. I would suggest anyone interested in herbalism to read further peer reviewed journals and discover the potential of phytohemicals!

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Citations & Other Resources:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review