Dreams Of Awakening Book Review (Charley Morley Lucid Dreaming)

Posted by Star on Oct 22nd 2020

Dreams Of Awakening Book Review (Charley Morley Lucid Dreaming)

Dreams Of Awakening By Charley Morley

Charley Morley is a brilliant author and important person to the human collective consciousness. He has dedicated his life to sharing his wisdom in regards to the sacred and historic art of lucid dreaming. In his book, "Dreams Of Awakening", he teaches the science behind the art, and shares the Buddhist perspective on it as well. It turns out that becoming lucidly aware of the fact that you're dreaming, while you're in the dream, has in fact been verified by science! Out of all of the books on this practice that I've read, this one is hands down my favorite.

It's not every day that the cover of a book matches its internal quality, but in this case I must say that the case is so! By creating a hybrid of fascinating facts related to the science behind this, the studies, how sleep and dreams work, and the religious aspects of it in the context of Tibetan Buddhism, Charley Morley has found a way to thoroughly capture the readers interest from cover to cover. There's not a single boring moment in this book. You will learn everything about how your brain works, how to induce lucidity, the nature of dreams and how they're related to your psychology, and what the ancients believed about it.

The author also briefly touches on any aspect of dreaming that you could imagine, from the idea of prophetic dreams, to OBE's, false awakenings, and sleep paralysis. He shares many pointers and truly makes you motivated, as he portrays all of us as equally capable. Tips and pointers on how to improve your dream recall are included, as well as your sleep quality, and simple and effective ways to straight up increase the odds of getting lucid all together! The book is a most fascinating mix of science, religious text, and practical methodology that you will thoroughly enjoy!

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