Kratom & Ethnobotanical Affiliate Program

Posted by Star on Aug 13th 2020

Earn Valuable Income From The Internet While You Sleep!

Star-Botanicals affiliate program is free to join. Unlike a lot of other scams out there, we ACTUALLY FRICKIN PAY YOU! Why? I started this business back in May of 2020 and I genuinely could use people like you to build my business as I take over this online market. I'm not a greedy person and understand that it's worth it to pay someone for advertising because it will ultimately help my shop to grow until I reach #1 ! I want to share my success with you as you help me grow as I feel you truly deserve it.

An ideal way to promote us at Star-Botanicals and earn some extra cash and or free product with our Affiliate Program is to start a YouTube Channel! You can drop your affiliate link in the description, or add it to the end of the video. This will generate valuable income for you and Star as well! I can also create custom coupon codes for you to use, which will inspire people to buy even more by offering them a discount on the great products we have to offer!

If you have any type of online presence, you can make some extra cash with the program. The minimum payout requirement is $250. You can use your earnings for free product, even if you're below the threshold. After you join, you'll receive special links, and a graphical banner that you can use to promote my shop. I ask that you represent this company in an ethical way and be very careful about how you write about the products. Use ethical marketing tactics, and try to avoid medical claims. I suggest using to cite academic sources for your work.

Thanks again for your interest in the affiliate program and I hope to hear from you guys soon. You can reach out to me via the contact form which will send an email straight to my business account. The payout rate is 10% and the software to track sales has been tested and works. Thanks!