Self Discipline, Communication, And Soul Evolution.

Posted by Star on Nov 6th 2020

Self Discipline, Communication, And Soul Evolution.

How often is it that people go through life with constant chatter in their minds, and other distractions, keeping them occupied, and totally lacking in any sense of awareness within their own innate being? In order for us to break free from not knowing ourselves, or living how we want to, we must master the art of self communication and self discipline. It takes self discipline to break free from these bad habits which become our lifestyle. Self communication is an important precursor to self discipline. If you do not communicate with yourself, you do not evolve as a human being. One must be aware of prophecies going on inside their own mind in order to begin this sacred journey. Be your thoughts, know your mind, and ponder what it is that you would like to do and be in life, and experience it. Otherwise, you will be blown all over the place by the exterior forces and lack of self discipline.

Without grabbing the wheel and taking control of your own life, outside forces will steer you in many different directions that you yourself did not consciously choose. Sometimes it's not other people but things, substances, delicious neurotoxins, that we crave, and which holds us back from our highest potential. It's not substances in general, but the context and frequencies in which they are used. Are there any bad habits that you would like to do away with or get under control? Guilty pleasures are often hard to abandon. We wax and wane just as the moon does. This means that not only are we not perfect, but it's somewhat normal for us to fall victim to engaging in behaviors in which we consciously want to avoid. This could be anything from bingeing on a substance that you're trying to ween off of, or going right back to doing something that you know is bad for you in which you want to stop doing. Don't beat yourself up over it though. Self discipline is about sticking to your goal no matter how many times you screw up.

I can't tell you how hard is it for me to stay focused and achieve personal goals, which revolve around internal work, and not so much entrapaneurship or anything like that. I never stop brining myself back to walking the path though, no matter how m any times I vear off course. Difficult and impossible are two different things. In my quest to become better and better at lucid dreaming, I have found many road blocks. At times, my biggest obstacles are caffeine, sugar(not good for memory), and the poisons added to Tobacco as well as excessive use of it. I believe that these neurotoxins can alter our brains ability to experience the mystical nature of dreams at its fullest potential. So as an example, simply communicating to myself daily that I'd like to not consume too much of any of those substances, so that my pineal gland can work optimally, and that I'd like to work on and exercise my mind by reading, doing brain training games( etc), and utilizing my innate creative potential. By doing so, I am in essence, taking a step towards my goals. The most important thing is that when you veer off course, you gently nudge yourself back to where you want to be.

One such way to enhance self discipline, self communication, and soul evolution, is to embrace the art of mindfulness meditation. It's the easiest form of meditation. It simply involves consciously making an effort to become aware of ones own thoughts, and the fact that they are happening in real time. It's not about trying to silence any ideas or thoughts that pop into your mind, nor is it about muting your mental chatter. It's about simply becoming aware of the fact that they are there. We often go through life with so much going through our minds, and we don't even actually consciously notice that it's happening. We forget that we live in an internal world of random chaotic thoughts and information flowing through our self of perception. Start to notice what's happening in your mind, and you will become more and more aware of the conscious nature of your being. You are, and you need to remember this and always try to maintain the highest state of awareness instead of going through life like a zombie or robot.

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