Signs Your Unconscious Is Preparing You For Lucidity

Posted by Star on Sep 15th 2020

Signs Your Unconscious Is Preparing You For Lucidity

Typically, prior to actually experiencing a  lucid dream, your unconscious mind will actually start to invite you in. It does this by giving you undeniable, blatantly obvious dream signs, which to you are obviously associated with lucidity and dreams in some way. For example, one of mine was a dream I had where Charley Morley, a lucid dream teacher was at my bus stop. This couldn't be more obvious that my unconscious was inviting me in. I dont know the guy in real life and I haven't rode a bus sense middle school. Lucid dreams can not be forced. You work towards them, and when your unconscious is ready, it invites you in.

When the time is right you will be granted VIP access to your higher self. In this hidden realm, you can explore and embrace the deeper aspects of your own psychology. This unconscious reality is built by your experiences, collected wisdom of the ages, and the unique set of blue prints specific to your creation, crafted by the infinite potential and creativity of the cosmos itself. You need to be well versed in having a relationship with your dreams to begin with. Work on remembering them (see my other blogs). A good start is to remember that dreams exist in the first place, and to crave them. A lot of people go through life without thinking about the existence of dreams, or bothering to give them a second thought. We all dream every night, we just have to learn to recall them. 

Once you have a well established relationship with your dreams, you must make use of a rule which the universe has established.  This law is known as the law of attraction. it actually consist of a set of rules which unify into one law. You attract what you feel. You attract what you fear. What you doubt, slips away. What you imagine, you feel, you create. Wanting to lucid dream, intending to, thinking about it, and being confident that it can and will happen are the keys to accomplishing this state of consciousness. Once your unconscious decides you're ready, it will give you dream signs associated with lucidity. It's telling you "Grab the key and open the door if you wish!". Pay attention to these when you document your dreams and try to learn and spot them In the future. 

It can be easy to get discouraged when attempting to learn lucid dreaming. Especially when it keeps not happening, the frustration may lead to giving  up.  If you're struggling, see my other blog on how to meditate for lucidity. These exercises will help you question whether you are awake or in your sleep. Being able to awaken within the dream state allows you to make use of the approximate 30 years of your life you spend asleep. It enables us to live to our full potential, understand ourselves at a deep soul level, and tap into our own internal DMT every single night!

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