Viable Authentic Opium Poppy Seeds (Poppy somniferum) 5g

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The Opium Poppy seeds contain trace amounts of opioids, so be careful if you're using them in the culinary arts, or if you may be drug tested. They also produce melatonin, a neurochemical synthesized by the pineal gland. Myself and others consider them an oneirogen. They are mentioned time and time again in literature for this purpose, with reliable source. Melatonin induces sleep, and from my experiences, may be the source of its oneirogenic potential. It's hard to find real Poppy seeds, but Star has done it. Authentic, viable, and cooler than ever, we offer you the highest grade Poppy seed on the market. Our statements are backed up via the academic citations below.


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Not intended to be taken as medical or scientific claims. Not evaluated or approved by the FDA.  Consult your healthcare provider before use. Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure, any ailment, condition, disease, etc.. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review